Hello, Tennessee!

The holiday season is off to a wonderful start.  I hope each of you had a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  December is going to hit us like an explosion - there are so many things we can do, so many things we should do, and there are so many things we will do!  Don't forget to include our older Veterans and Auxiliary members in your celebrations.  Participating in one of your activities may be the only time they are able to get out and enjoy the festivities.
Don't forget our Veterans at the VA Medical Centers.  (You may see duplication of efforts as you go thru the web pages  because many of us are on the same page!) There is a great need for gas cards, new or gently worn & clean warm coats and jackets, sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves.  Each medical center will be holding a parade of gifts where they pack gift bags full of donated items for each hospitalized patient.  Most of the VA's have a giving tree where you can adopt a Veteran in need and his/her family.  Or host a coffee carts or carts and serve coffee and refreshments to those folks waiting for their appointments.  If you take refreshments, don't forget some diabetic treats.  Contact the Chief of Voluntary Services at the VAMC nearest to you.

The website has been down for several months.  We had been told that the website was a "waste of time", that no one read it, that they only wanted paper copies.  We've learned that's not the case.  I've had a hundred plus notes from members who have told me the website is the only way they have access to any information.  So we are back up and running.  We will publish anything that our chairmen would like to publish.  We will put your Auxiliary's upcoming events out there for all to see.

So, back to business!  Here is this month's offering.  Hope you find the information you need.

Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Priscilla Tucker, Webmaster


Hello, Ladies,

The Holidays are upon us, which gives us many opportunities to assist our Veterans and their families. At any time during the month you can make up some lovely food baskets to present to these families or as a community service project give them to those without.

Just a little bit of update on a couple of issues.

First of all, I have asked an Aux. to host the luncheon for POW-WOW.

They are unavailable to take on this commitment, so I would like some Input from all of you as to where you might want to have lunch away from the hotel. I am not familiar with the surrounding area so any information would be Extremely helpful.  Someone suggested Shoney’s.?  It would be nice to be able to eat together and do our “PARADE OF HATS”.

Secondly, I was asked about SEC.814 . TRUSTEES, DUTIES of (all Levels). This is taken from the new Bylaws/Ritual 2015.  All audits are to be completed by the ELECTED TRUSTEES, with a minimum of two (2) in attendance. The President, Sect. and Treasurer should attend the audit. A PRO TEM CAN BE APPOINTED TO AUDIT THE BOOKS UNDER EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES. The question imposed to me , was did that mean a pro tem would replace one of the elected trustees? That would be a yes.

It would be a nice jester to contact your trustees as a reminder that you will be doing an audit so hopefully you will have them present to avoid any issues.

Craft fairs are a great source of having a fundraiser.

The VA hospitals are in desperate need of gas cards for patients that are traveling to the hospital for treatment. They used to get their travel vouchers when they were finished with their appointments, but now they mail them out. Increments of $25 are preferred, but any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Winter is on its way, so start thinking of coats, sweaters, scarves and gloves for the homeless.

Have a super holiday season! We do have a lot to be thankful for, just think out side the box.

I am here if you need me, we are a team working together.



May God bless each and everyone of you every day.


Patti Gratton, Dept. President
tnpatti@rittermail.com or vfwpatti@rittermail.com