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I hope by this time that all of you have had time to look over President Patti’s program book. I know there was a lot of good information in it. First I would like to remind everyone that the HOSPITAL PROGRAM not the VAVS program it is totally different.

We need to focus on recruiting new volunteers; you ask how and what do we need to do to accomplish that?

Well, the first thing is to sponsor an activity at a medical facility and ask your members to help (and don’t forget to ask your VFW members to participate). You know once they do they will be hooked; the joy you feel when it is all over will never leave you. A good place to start is to schedule your activity around a holiday.  These residents could really use the company as it is a sad time for them, most don’t have a lot of family to come to visit. The national ambassador is asking that each Ladies Auxiliary sponsor at least one out standing event BUT I feel that the sisters in Tennessee can do more because we are the Volunteer state. In closing please remember that we may be the only family they have and don’t forget our program goals.

Volunteer Service in Medical Facilities

Volunteer Recruitment

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Hospitalized Veterans Writing Project


Pam Everett, Chairman

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